Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creative Gigaworks T40 2.0 Speaker System

           Creative Labs offers an impressively wide range of multimedia products especially in computer speakers. For me Gigaworks T40 is one of the top notch speakers they successfully created even though this is only 2.0 setup. Just wanna share some thoughts about this razor sharp like sound speaker.
            I just recently purchased this locally here locally in our country.At first, I was little bit upset upon purchasing it because of the price was too high but as soon I heard the sound when I test on my pc, I can say that's its really worth it. Bass and treble sound absolutely perfect and balanced well. I try to play games like Call of Duty and Need for Shift II and absolutely the sound was fantastic. I can't imagine that 2.0 setup speaker will sound that well. Also, it has a plug you can wire it up to an iPod, portable DVD player, or anything else with a headphone jack. There's also a connector for the wire that goes to the left speaker and a connector for the separate DC power supply. The headphone jack is upfront, under the volume control. Unfortunately, the power switch is on the back. It's easy enough to toggle it by feel while reaching behind, but mounting it on the front would've been preferred. We found the right speaker's bright blue LED which adds style and as good aesthetic of the speaker.
         By the way, I paired up this speaker with Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion PCIe sound card  and I  recommended this as the perfect combination.Also I tested it with built sound card on laptop and it  also performs very well.This is a great speaker and I recommend it especially those looking for space conscious desk..

I took some photos of it on my pc:

The box:

The Sattelites showing their volume,bass and treble controls:

My rig setup:  Im sorry for messy table..:)

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  1. Wow very nice rigs... I think even that speaker was to expensive but the quality and sound was good enough...


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