Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coolermaster Sentinel Advance Zero-G

          Here we go again my never ending search of the best bang for the buck gaming mouse.lolz! Few days go, I visited one of my favorite computer shop at Gilmore avenue to check the prices for my cousins computer parts to build and while hanging around, I found out this eye catching gaming mice which was display on their show room. I ask one of the staff there for the price but i was a bit unlucky because it does not had a price yet. But because I'm one of the "suki" buyer on that shop and I really get one this, I ask them if they can give me the price that time coz i really want to test this mouse and i had gaming battle this June(pretending a hardcore gamer, if they know, my game was Angry bird,hahaha!). So thats it, they gave me the price in which I was suprised because i didn't expect that it would be that cheaper.So i immediately  bought the unit and went home forgetting my real business of checking prices of  pc parts for my cousin.lolZ!.

        As I've check the unit, I'm quite surprised because it already includes a mouse pad which is very rare on any package of gaming mice.Also the things that really catch my attention were the multiple back-lighting illumination (5 colors) and the little OLED display screen harbored on its surface. I've never seen any mice with lcd display on it. On its display, you can upload any customized logo and also it can display your preset resolution (up to 5600dpi). The grip on hand(for right handed only) really suites for those hardcore gamers like me(still pretending.haha!). Other features of it were the dual laser engine, a 128kb onboard memory, multiple preset profiles which is selectable via built in button as well as the hardware DPI selection and the adjustable weight.

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