Monday, August 27, 2012

Things to consider to loose weight

These five rules don't involve self-denial.

1. Lots of small meals daily. If you're only eating three meals a day, you're telling your body nourishment is rare. Don't give it; give it small healthy snacks, for example, cottage cheese.

2. Drink shakes. Low-fat milk yogurt, ice cubes, fruit, and whey protein powder combine to make a calcium-rich shake that will boost your metabolism-and it tastes great.

3. Hydrate. Water has no calories; keeps you full, removes waste and helps nutrients reach your muscles. Drink at least eight glasses a day. Avoid alcohol: It reduces the body's ability to burn fat.

4. Power eating. There are 10 most effective foods for losing weight which I will discuss later. These 10 foods especially for men should be at the center of your diet.

5. Ignore the rules. Does avoiding your favorite food gnaw at your motivation? Reward yourself after a successful diet week with a self-indulgent pork dish or steak.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quit looking OLD

Aging happens over time but you don't have to concede to it. Know what causes premature aging and learn how you can reclaim your youtful looks and energy.

Age Accelaerator 1: Sedentary Lifestyle
Oh, to be a couch potato! Sitting around doesn't help your metabolism one bit; in fact, it's a sure way o gain unwanted weight. Your body needs physical activities to get everything your blood, oxygen,nutrients-moving along. Besides, sweating is a great way to release toxins from your system.
What to do? Get yourself moving. Start with doing more chores: make your bed in the morning, bring out the trash every day, wash your car, carry the groceries. And then take it up one notch: take a bike to work, instead of a car. Take the stairs, instead of the elevator. The idea is for you to keep moving.

Age Accelerator 2: Stress

Most people will frown when stressed, allowing it to take over one's mood or joyful disposition. You can choose to take things in stride; don't sweat the small stuff and not allow stress to win over you.
What to do? Meditate. Take a 5 minutes break from your tasks. It will help you clear your mind and calm your nerves, so you can keep your stress level to a minimum.

Age Accelerator 2: Smoking

Smoking, not only destroys your lungs and heart, it also gives you bad breath, makes your teeth yellow, depletes moisture in your skin, and worse speeds up aging.
What to do? quit smoking, period. However, if this is next to impossible, then change your lifestyle instead. Start exercising, get more sleep, drink at least 8 glasses of water, eat better and lessen the amount of coffee that you drink.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Computer Insurance

Nowadays, computers becoming more and more fast and lot of hi end parts are showing in market almost every month.  Investing in a personal computer is not less an amount. It is next only to investing in a house or a car. So, it's not unwise an idea to insure your computer and its allied accessories like peripherals and software. However, how much coverage you get for what accessory depends on individual market offer. There are several threats your computer might face. Such as virus attack, data corruption, system crashing down, peripheral malfunctioning and many more. Thus, it is important for you to protect your investment by proper insurance coverage. There are certain aspects of computer insurance you must know.

Coverage under homeowner or renter's policy

In most of the cases if you have homeowner or renter's policy your home accessories and assets are also covered in that and so is your computer. It is covered against all the threats and disasters listed in the policy. Thus, if your computer gets stolen or gutted in fire you can claim for the damages. However, your computer gets covered only for the amount listed in your policy.

Replacement cost and actual cash value

Though replacement cost is 10 percent more expensive as compared to Actual cash value, keeping in mind that things depreciate fast, this is a very wise move. The reimbursement you get on replacement cost is the same as the current cost of your computer and not the petty depreciated cost you would get with actual cash value policy.

Coverage for Laptop and portable computer

Laptop and portable computers are considered personal possessions away from home under the homeowners or renter's policy. Thus, they are also covered under this policy. However, there is a dollar limit on personal possession that are stolen or damaged away from home.

Computers don't only get covered under the homeowners or renter's policy. A number of insurance companies offer individual insurance policies for computers as well. It is important to remember that when you buy a computer insurance policy you must retain the receipt of the policy as well as that of the computer and its peripherals very carefully.

Computer insurance is vital for students, business professionals, small business owners, schools, home users with heavy usage and many more people who use computers for their critical applications. Computer insurance does not cover certain items such as maintenance costs, electrical or mechanical breakdown, wear and tear, fraud and dishonesty, consequential loss, and loss or damage caused by sonic bangs. However, they are well covered under the warranty/extended warranty of the equipment.

credits: Joseph Kenny

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